Here are 5 things that you should outsource to a Virtual Assistant if you want to scale your business!

Everyone thinks you have the coolest job, so it’s hard to admit this but…

There must be something you HATE as a Social Media Manager/Strategist….Right? Um….YES!

During your on-boarding process as a social media manager, it is your job to plan a strategy for your clients, set expectations, emphasize the importance of organic traffic for their business so they can gain credibility and establish themselves as reputable leaders in their market.

But does anyone realize what it takes to manage a client’s organic traffic? It’s so important to make their social media look great and credible but it is literally a 24/7 job!

Then, once you have the client and start strategizing, curating content, developing an editorial calendar, spreadsheets, reports and audits of their current likes/followers/stats, and much much more, you realize that you'll want to eventually start focusing on paid traffic. Which means advertising and sales funnels.

GREAT NEWS! Content creation, curation and scheduling are the most time consuming tasks and luckily the easiest to outsource to a virtual assistant! Did you know that? Yep that’s right! You can find an amazing virtual assistant that is dying to help you with organic traffic so you can focus on paid traffic! Win-win!

Here are 5 things that you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant (VA) as a Social Media Manager/Strategist (SMM/SMS):

Creating gorgeous and eye-catching graphics: Can we all agree that creating graphics takes time and serious brain space? Sometimes an hour goes by and you are still on the same graphic quote trying to figure out the right font to match the stock photo that you painstakingly chose after clicking a bazillion times through pictures of kids chasing their dogs. Outsourcing graphics to a VA will save you time and sanity! Just make sure you review them when they are done, in case there were any minor mistakes or the wrong logo.

Curating content: Researching articles related to your client’s market/audience can be tedious and time consuming, but to show credibility in their industry, it is a must. Perfect thing to outsource! Overseeing the research to make sure that the articles are not related to a direct competitor will be a wise thing to do after your VA has completed the task!

Scheduling editorial calendar: Depending on the platform, some strategic planning is needed for the upcoming weeks and months. Since you have the right insights on what your client’s message is and who their ideal audience is, you can plan out strategy and your assistant can plan the weekly/monthly content. You can also let your VA know if you would prefer to have a week, 2 weeks, or a month’s worth of content done in advance. Planning content in advance will give you peace of mind and will allow you to create a buffer of time until the next batch of posts. But don’t schedule too far in advance because you should always try to stay fresh and current in your content.

Scheduling posts in a scheduling platform: You may have already figured out that scheduling content in advance for your clients is a great way to save time and stay consistent and organized. However, posting a week’s worth of content can get time consuming! Perfect to outsource this to a VA. I use Buffer and Grum and recently I have been loving Post Planner. There are lots more scheduling platforms, you just have to figure out the ones that work with you and your content!

Engagement: Engagement takes time and effort. It is hard to give this portion of your work to your assistant. I would suggest waiting until you know you can trust the person since you would need to give them access to your clients’ accounts or your business manager in Facebook. But generally, you can have your VA do damage control when someone leaves a negative comment, you can also have them like/comment/follow on instagram for a few minutes daily, and you can also have them send response messages.

I can pretty much guarantee that if you hire a VA to help you with these 5 things, you WILL be able to focus on things like advertising, funnels, and you will definitely be on your way to scaling your business in no time!